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Photo of the Week: June 1, 2012

Editor's note: Welcome to  Y! Travel Photo of the Week, chosen from the Flickr group created by our readers - you! Each week a professional photographer will select a photo that stands out from the crowd, and explain why they chose it. To have your own photo considered, join our Flickr group and start submitting your own photos!

Eye candy!!!  That’s what the “Yahoo Travel Photo of the Week” is all about!  In photographic circles “eye candy” is any beautiful, amazing, compelling or absolutely ideal image which elicits the almost involuntary utterance we typically reserve for the extraordinary – the “WOW!!!” word…  When a great visual smacks you in the face, WOW is an entirely appropriate response, and this week continues to offer plenty of spectacularly WOW images!  

Attempting to “judge” several thousand images for the “Yahoo Photo of the Week” feature is, at best, a daunting exercise in relativity since it is impossible to compare a gorgeous landscape with a fun moment of a child on the beach, for example - though both are valid Travel photographs.  Although dissimilarity and subjectivity of varied subject matter makes it tough to say which image is truly best, one thing is obvious – it’s easy to find inspiring examples of great photography in this group of photographs! 

Rest assured we’ll strive to deliver a variety of awesome Travel images, from people to planes, from kids to comets, from sunsets to star trails...  Beauty in its’ most primal visual form can cover a world of subject matter!  Send us your best, regardless of subject!

This week, after narrowing down my choices for Yahoo Photo of the Week to about 35 images, I found myself staring at a portfolio of Travel photography which knock my socks off!  So many of you are enthusiastically embracing photography as a means of expression, capturing beautiful memories of the paths you tread.  I could easily choose any of about 10 images as this week’s Yahoo Travel Photo of the Week!

“Chasing rainbows” has been both a metaphorical pursuit as well as actual activity throughout my career.  Upon spotting rainbows across the USA, I’ve literally spent hours racing from spot to spot trying to find that perfect angle from which to capture this colorful phenomenon in a place or way which creates a genuine WOW image.  It’s easy to photograph a rainbow yet so the rainbow leads to the trash dump or some other uninspiring location.  Nailing a truly great rainbow photo is tough since you must be in an ideally scenic spot.

Through years of chasing rainbows, I have rarely made an image as effective as this week’s Yahoo Photo of the Week.  It is remarkably rare to spy a rainbow in am ideal photographic location where it can be photographed in such a way the proverbial “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow” fantasy may actually seem possible.  Beauty in photography conjures up all sorts of imaginings…

This week’s Yahoo Travel Photo of the Week goes to Turkish photographer Hosam al-Ghamdi’ for his image entitled “Rainbow” - created in Istanbul, Turkey.  This striking image illustrates one of those fortunate moments when luck clearly favored a prepared, talented photographer.  Although the photographer notes this image was made through window glass, it is nonetheless a quality photograph in which expert Photoshop technique has overcome any visual issues caused by the glass.  

This result, a remarkable blending of blue, gray and rainy skies captured on a rainy day in Istanbul, is simply beautiful!  Hats off to Hosam al-Ghamdi for capturing and sharing this glorious natural wonder!

Tip of the Week:  Great photography in this digital era has become synonymous with great digital imaging, typically with Lightroom, Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, a few popular applications.  To make your photography as good as it can be, learn digital imaging and be self-critical about your results.   Many images entered in this contest could be winners if only the Photoshop – the digital darkroom work – was more professional.  Make sure the contrast in your images pops, featuring rich blacks and white-whites.  Great imaging alone can make an average photograph a beautiful creation! 


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