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Inglot Malta: My Favorite Cosmetics Shop

Inglot Malta: My Favorite Cosmetics ShopInglot Malta: My Favorite Cosmetics Shop

About five years ago, I got off the plane in Luqa Airport in Malta and discovered that somehow, I had forgotten to pack my cosmetic bag. For me, this was worse than losing my passport. Of course, I had to buy all new makeup for my two-week vacation. But where would I be able to find my favorite mascara, cover-up, and loose powder? I was an eclectic cosmetic shopper, and the thought of trying to find all my brands in a foreign country was daunting.

Then, I walked by a cosmetic shop called Inglot, and my cosmetic life changed forever. This is not a shop like Boots in England or Douglas in Germany, where a lot of different high-brand cosmetics are sold. This shop sells products exclusively made by Inglot, which was founded 25 years ago in Poland by the young pharmaceutical chemist Wojtek Inglot. Inglot makeup is now available in 300 shops in all of Europe and worldwide, including in Sydney, Baku, Kuwait, and New Delhi.

After trying a few of the Inglot products, I was hooked. In fact, I bought enough to replace the makeup I had forgotten back in the U.S. I still love this store -- since I moved to Malta in 2008, this shop has become a danger zone for me, because I'm always temped inside.

High-Quality Products

This makeup is not cheap (prices start at 15 euros), but it's affordable, because the products are made very well and last a long time. Inglot has everything -- products for nails, face, lips, eyelids, eyebrows, and eyelashes. They have the latest colors and shades and are well-supplied. I've never wanted anything that wasn't in stock. I also like the sleek black packaging of Inglot's cosmetics. Even all the accessories -- leather and acrylic cosmetic bags and boxes, brushes, and even the shop's business cards and the staff's attire -- are black.

Well-Trained, Attentive Staff and Makeup Artists

This is one shop in Malta I look forward to going to. In general, shopping in Malta can be very frustrating, especially for foreigners, because the salespeople in shops are usually rather laid-back. But in Inglot, you never have to wait long for a salesperson to ask if you need assistance. And as with other makeup retailers, you can get made up with some of Inglot's products that may suit you. But the makeup artists don't try to pressure you into buying anything.

Good Return Policy

I'm not the type of person to return things. But once, I opened up a new tube of liquid cover-up and found that it was completely dry. I had bought it a couple of months earlier and no longer had the receipt. I went to return it to Inglot, sure that I would have a problem without the receipt. But no -- the manager took the tube and gave me another one with no hassle. In fact, she tried out several tubes of the same cover-up and discovered that she had bought a bad batch -- they were all dry. So I got another tube from a different batch with a big thanks from the manager for alerting them to the other faulty tubes.

Choice of Gift Products

Inglot regularly features gift products to choose from if you spend over a certain amount. And these aren't just samples. These are real products that are part of the Inglot line.

I have to admit that Inglot in Malta is the only Inglot shop that I've been to, so I can't honestly say if all the Inglot shops around the world are as good as the one in Malta. The only complaint I have is that the aisles are a little narrow when you're browsing through the products and a customer is getting made up in the same area. But if you love good makeup, don't pass by an Inglot shop, no matter where you are.

Inglot Malta

The Strand

Sliema, Malta


Call for shop hours or to make an appointment for a free makeup session.


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