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Ice Climbing in Minnesota: A Winter Travel Adventure in St. Paul

Ice Climbing in Minnesota: A Winter Travel Adventure in St. PaulIce Climbing in Minnesota: A Winter Travel Adventure in St. Paul

Ice climbing provides an interesting and unique activity for physically fit and active travelers. The combination of cool temperatures and physical activity provides an exotic rush perfect for avid adventurers.

In St. Paul, Minnesota, the best place to ice climb is at the old brickyards in Lilydale Park. Built in 1894, the brickyard produced bricks through a quarry and kiln process until the 1970s. Today, the original kiln can still be seen in Lilydale Park at 950 Lilydale Road.

Each year, waterfalls form along the quarry walls to create perfect climbing spaces for outdoor enthusiasts. In addition, several seepages form new ice each year, so the climbing landscape varies from year to year. All of the waterfalls and seepages are less than 30 meters in height.

All ice climbing tours are self-guided, though it is always a good idea to hire an instructor when attempting the sport. A permit, which can be purchased for $25, is required for all ice climbers. Ice climbing registration and permit applications can be found on the City of St. Paul website.

Lilydale Park does not have restaurants or restaurant facilities, so it's best that travelers pack food should they decide to climb for an extended period of time.

Tips and Warnings

Ice climbing can be dangerous, especially for novices. It's always a good idea to climb with an instructor and other experienced climbers. Also, always make sure all equipment is functioning properly before beginning a climb.

Places to Stay

For a unique and historic experience, visitors should consider staying at The St. Paul Hotel. Founded in 1910, the hotel is located 2.3 miles from Lilydale Park. Not only will the hotel provide travelers with a luxurious and comfortable stay, but it will also allow visitors to catch a glimpse of history. The hotel has seen everyone from Charles Lindbergh to Lawrence Welk, Gene Autry, and John F. Kennedy, and the history is reflected throughout the 254-room hotel.

Where to Eat

Visitors to The St. Paul Hotel won't have to travel far for a delicious meal, as there are three restaurants housed on the hotel premises. For those looking for a more laid-back experience, consider checking out Patrick McGovern's Pub & Restaurant or Tom Reid's Hockey City Pub. Each restaurant serves burgers, sandwiches, wraps, and wings, and each restaurant is located less than 1 mile from The St. Paul Hotel.


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