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Sriracha factory

Sriracha might make your eyes water, but damn if it isn’t delicious.

If you love the hot sauce and use it on everything, now you can see how it’s made.

The Sriracha factory in Irwindale, Calif., has opened its doors for free tours. Now Srirachites (lovers of Sriracha) can browse the 650,000 sq. ft. factory, where the spicy goodness is created. This opening comes after months of legal back and forth over a complaint from members of the community about the powerful, spicy odor believed to be generated by the factory. Huy Fong Foods installed some new ventilation equipment and now wants fans to come see its new setup.

Tours are available between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m., Monday to Friday. Visitors must call customer service at 626-286-8328 to schedule an appointment. 

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