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beautiful city parks Park Guell Barcelona
Park Güell, Barcelona

Pavilions that resemble gingerbread houses and a vibrant mosaic salamander fountain greet visitors to Antoni Gaudí’s enchanting Park Güell. Inspired by natural forms, Gaudí combined twisting organic-looking stone features with elaborate, fluid designs. Situated at the top of a terraced hill, his fantastical park has spectacular views of the city, along with paths through the woods and the Casa Museu Gaudí.

(Photo: Fulesp)

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A well-designed park is more than green space in the midst of a concrete jungle — it makes a city lovable and livable.

For city dwellers and tourists alike, an urban park becomes a shared backyard. Indeed, for Alain de Botton, author of “The Architecture of Happiness,” an urban park’s ultimate importance is in allowing us to step away from the rush. “In the midst of a busy city, a park becomes quite literally an oasis and a tree can bring about an epiphany no less intense than a beautiful painting.” | Kristin Conard, Travel + Leisure

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