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The Most Terrifying Roller Coaster of Our Time! Six Flags' Record-Breaking Ride

The Most Terrifying Roller Coaster of Our Time! Six Flags' Record-Breaking Ride

Meet Goliath — if you dare! (Photo: Six Flags)

If you’re planning to pull a Ferris Bueller by taking a day off to traipse around the Chicago area, you should check out this bad boy. The new Goliath roller coaster just officially opened for business at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois. This behemoth breaks not one, not two, but three world records for wooden coasters. Be warned: if even the sight of a carousel is enough to make you squeamish, this coaster will likely make you shake in terror. But admit it: that just makes you want to ride it even more. Here are the reasons why the Goliath should be your go-to coaster.



They wouldn’t have called it “Goliath” if it were short (Photo: Six Flags)

Goliath begins with a terrifying 180-foot drop — the tallest drop of any wooden coaster. Six Flags says “you’ll reach the bottom of this gut-wrenching slope before you even have time to scream.” Now THAT’s a sales pitch! 



Hold on to your hats! Goliath features a super-steep 85-degree drop (Photo: Six Flags)

When you make that drop you’ll be at an 85-degree angle, putting you virtually straight up. That makes Goliath the steepest wooden coaster on the planet, so hold on to your hat — and your lunch. 

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You’ll go faster on this coaster than you did during your ride to the park —hopefully (Photo: Six Flags)

Goliath tops out at 72 miles-per-hour, giving it its third record for wooden coasters. 



After the drop, Goliath really gets wild! (Photo: Six Flags)

Six Flags says Goliath features “three intense over-banked turns, a 180-degree zero G-roll twist, and two wild inversions, flipping head-over-heels through a winding inverted drop and a spiraling inverted zero G stall.” We don’t know exactly what all that means but we’re already dizzy.

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Goliath is a kindler, gentler, and quieter wooden coaster (Photo: Six Flags)

Six Flags says the coaster’s builders used a new kind of track system to reduce that vibrating “rickety” feeling that comes with a lot of wooden roller coasters.

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The Kinga Da (Photo: AP)

Goliath may break records for wooden coasters but it’s still outmatched by taller, faster, steeper steel coasters like Kingda Da at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey.  Still, wooden coasters give riders an old-school, tactile sensation that just can’t be matched by its sleek but sterile steel counterparts.  We’d rather steel ourselves for a ride on the Goliath!

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