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Country Superstar Kristian Bush's 6 Favorite Breakfast Joints on the Road

Paula Froelich
Editor at Large
July 31, 2014

Kristian Bush, the male half of the country duo Sugarland, is busting out with his own album, Southern Gravity — and the hit single, Trailer Hitch, debuts today. A veteran of the road, the Grammy winning singer and songwriter took time out of his tour schedule to tell us about his favorite meal: breakfast.

“Breakfast is my passion,” Kristian said. “It’s one of the only meals they’ll let me go have (outside of the tour bus or backstage) because it’s the only time of the day  nobody needs me. So I sneak out for breakfast in every city I’m in.”

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Pancakes (Photo: Thinkstock)

Here are Kristian’s top five places to hit up for pancakes — his favorite. 


Cora’s Coffee Shoppe (Photo: Johan Zeeman/Flickr)

1.  Cora’s Coffee Shoppe in Santa Monica

If you are around Santa Monica, you are next to heaven. You gotta steer away from the Turkish Breakfast — you don’t want that. It looks like it might be interesting and good, but I’m gonna tell you now, just back away. They have an awesome spinach omelet. Go for that!


Dottie’s True Blue Cafe (Photo: Mark H. Anbinder/Flickr)

2. Dottie’s, San Francisco

Theres nothing bad at Dotties but they have a banana pancake that I like but I also like their sausage. It’s really good.

3. Tram Stop Diner, Sydney, Australia

Located in the hip section of Newtown, this spacious diner has orange pancakes Kristian swears by.  

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4. Gato Bizco, Atlanta

Gato is across the street from (the famous brunch place) The Flying Biscuit – but it’s hidden in the shadow and  is amazing. The huevos rancheros will make you melt. They only have four tables and a countertop so you have to show up early. I’m not hip enough to be in the room but I go there anyway.


Egg cushion at Ria’s Bluebird Cafe (Photo: editionofone/Flickr)

5. Ria’s Bluebird Cafe, Atlanta

The banana pancakes there? Oh my gosh, you will die. Your tongue will just come out and slap your face.

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French Toast at Orange (Photo: jmartens33/Instagram)

 6. Orange, Chicago 

I shot my video (for “Trailer Hitch”) in Chicago which is a huge country music town. And the pancakes at Orange were just… awesome. 

WATCH the video for  ”Trailer Hitch” — in which he “reverse busks” and gives out money on the streets of Chicago while he plays.