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Celebrate National Sandcastle (and Sculpture) Day!
The World’s Tallest Sandcastle Ed Jarrett built the tallest sandcastle on Jenkinson’s Beach in Point Pleasant, New Jersey on October 29, 2013. The castle stood 38 feet, 2 inches tall. This was the fouth time Jarrett broke the Guiness World Record.

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Celebrate National Sandcastle (and Sculpture) Day!

Brittany Jones-Cooper
Editor, Yahoo Travel
September 17, 2015

There’s nothing like crafting the perfect sandcastle on a sandy beach. The combination of creativity, imagination, and ingenuity makes it an activity enjoyed by old and new alike. Today, sandcastles are bigger than ever, with the tallest castle reaching more than 38 feet. To celebrate National Sandcastle and Sculpture day, we give you some of the best creations ever made — before they wash away.