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WATCH: Robo-Waiter: Chinese Restaurant Staffed By Robots

August 15, 2014

Call them “Robo-cooks?” Or “The Waitron 3000?”

A new restaurant in Kunshan, China has a staff made up of more than a dozen robots. Two robots greet customers at the door, four short robots deliver food to tables.

They even have two robots in the kitchen stir-frying meat and vegetables (another robot makes dumplings).

The restaurant’s owner says his robots can understand up to 40 everyday sentences. And they offer other benefits.  “They can’t get sick or ask for vacation,” says Song Yugang, who says he first turned to robots after his daughter complained about doing housework.  “After charging up for two hours they can work for five hours,” he says. 

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Robots are becoming big business in China, largely due to rising labor costs.  Another robotic restaurant opened in the Chinese city of Harbin in 2012.

And with China now the world’s biggest consumer of industrial robots, we may see even more robot eateries in that nation — and maybe others. Could “Hooters Robots” be far behind? 

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