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Top things NOT to pack

Ereka Vetrini
Tour & Explore
September 23, 2013

It's a burden to look good when on the road, but an even greater burden is hauling all that luggage across the airport. How do you decide what goes with you and what doesn't?

We got travel expert Karen Tina Harrison to solve this problem in the latest episode of Tour & Explore. Her basic solution: Less is more.

Rather than dragging your entire closet with you, Harrison suggests picking out a few versatile, high-quality items -- no one will notice if you're repeating the same outfit.

As for what to pack your stuff in, Harrison advises going carry-on or going home. She demonstrates just how much you can fit into two light carry-on bags. The trick? It's all about what defines a "personal item."

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Watch the video above and learn more about how to save money on check-in fees and save some strain on your back.