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Time-lapse video showcases stunning storms


When photographer Randy Halverson set out to make a time-lapse video of the aurora borealis and the Milky Way, he decided to embrace the clouds. Instead of waiting for a clear night, he allowed the storms to be in the picture.

"For a good nighttime shot, you need two hours to shoot it," Halverson told Yahoo Travel. "You need a storm that's moving toward you and that's moving slow enough."

The visually stunning result, "Huelux" was shot from April through November last year in Wyoming's Big Horn Mountains, Utah's Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks, and South Dakota, where Halverson has a farm.

For the artist, the more remote the location, the better. In the desert or in the mountains, he's in the dark, freed from a big city's light pollution.

This is not the first time Halverson has made a time-lapse video of the American landscape. But with the night sky, the storm clouds, and the haunting soundtrack written for the film by Peter Nanasi, it is an artful addition to his filmography.

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