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A street with history: Flickr photo of the day


Off the coast of Croatia, in the rich blue Adriatic Sea, there is a little island named Vis. On that island, there are two little towns: Komiža and Vis. With a combined population of 3,600, both the island and town of Vis are the essence of careworn charm.

First settled in the fourth century BC by Greek colonists from Sicily, Vis isn’t some modern-day real estate development -- it’s the real deal. A strategic military port from the time of the ancient Illyrians, Vis was secluded from the rest of the world until Yugoslavia began to fall apart in 1989. Since then the people of Vis, who make their living fishing, growing grapes for wine and farming, have welcomed tourists to experience the simple lifestyle and enjoy their traditional cuisine.

José Eduardo Silva photographed a street worn smooth by time, in the town of Vis.

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