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Puffin Daddy: Flickr photo of the day


This male Atlantic Puffin was photographed while bringing home a beak full of fish for his growing family. 

Puffins are weapons-grade cute. With their earnest expression, matching beak and feet, and tuxedo plumage they’re irresistible to nature photographers. People in Iceland find puffins irresistible for another reason: they like to eat them. Yep, smoked puffin, fried puffin breast with malt sauce ... Mmm, good!

Puffins themselves usually dine on tiny fish and eels and have the remarkable ability to line up several fish perpendicularly in their beaks. To get those fish, or eels, puffins can dive for as long as a minute and use their wings to virtually “fly” under the water. Out of the water the little guys can fly at speeds reaching of 55 mph and, if nobody catches and eats them, they can live 20 years. 

Photograph by Claudio Cantonetti, in Vik, Iceland.

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