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Photo of the week: Nov. 23, 2012


Photo of the week: Nov. 23, 2012

Editor's note: Welcome to  Yahoo! Travel Photo of the Week, chosen from the Flickr group created by our readers — you! Each week a professional photographer will select a photo that stands out from the crowd, and explain why they chose it. To have your own photo considered, join our Flickr group and start submitting your own photos!

This week's Yahoo! Travel Photo of The Week was taken by Brendan Ó Sé, of Cork, Ireland. What can compare to a soft summer day, especially one with a flock of sheep and matching fleecy white clouds?

Mr. Ó Sé didn't reveal what camera and lens he used to capture the idyllic moment, saying only: "Sheep being sheep on a hill." Indeed, but there's more to the image than simply eight sheep looking at him, while two others find something way more important to do — eating.  It's no stretch of the imagination that an image such as this, painted with oils on canvas or wood, could be found in museums and art textbooks; is it not eternal?

We've all done it, without really actually meaning to, we create something that moves others, we smile and turn a stranger's day around, we never know how what we do may effect others.  Brendan Ó Sé probably didn't pick up his camera and say to his wife: "Back in a few minutes Honey, gotta go snap a photo that will be a visual metaphor for contentment, happiness and the goodness of the earth." Yet, he did.

Some people count sheep to induce sleep. Perhaps counting one sheep after another-after- another jumping over a fence is boring, or perhaps it's just peaceful. Thank you, Brendan, for sharing your special moment with that flock of curious sheep.

Alabama-based Michael Clemmer has been a photojournalist/travel photographer, landscape and golf course photographer for over four decades. Once a Senior Travel Photographer for Southern Living Magazine, he has also worked as an assignment photographer for the National Geographic Society and his photographs have been used in fine publications around the world. He currently specializes in golf landscape photography — visit his web site at


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