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Photo of the week: February 1, 2013


Some rules are meant to be broken. In photography, one of the tenets of composition is this: never put the subject of a photograph in the very center of the frame; learn the Rule of Thirds and always apply it. Now, look where that koala bear’s nose is: precisely in the center of the photograph. And it’s a perfect photograph.

David Rochas is a talented man, born with a lust for travel and a wonderful enthusiasm for photography. He made this Yahoo! Travel photo of the week in March 2012 while touring the Great Ocean Road in Lorne, Victoria, Australia.

Because Rochas chose to use a Nikkor 70-200mm F/2.8 lens, set to its longest focal length and widest f-stop, the image captured by his Nikon D700 has a very shallow depth of field. With virtually nothing else in focus, the Koala has the show entirely to himself; there’s nothing competing for your attention. Because the image has been rendered in black and white, there are no colors to glom onto: no rich green grass, golden tree trunks or “dull grey fur.” Just weapons-grade cute.

Found only in the coastal regions of eastern and southern Australia, koalas are generally nocturnal – accounting for the sleepy expression of Rochas’ subject?


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