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Photo of the Week: Dec. 14, 2012


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Editor's note: Welcome to  Yahoo! Travel Photo of the Week, chosen from the Flickr group created by our readers — you! Each week a professional photographer will select a photo that stands out from the crowd, and explain why they chose it. To have your own photo considered, join our Flickr group and start submitting your own photos!

It was a pretty  Sunday morning full of promise, as the gigantic Disney Dream, with nearly 5,000 passengers and crew aboard, tied up at the quay on Castaway Cay. Once an infamous waypoint in The Bahamas for drug smugglers, Disney Cruise Lines took over the island, cleaned it up and changed its name from Gorda Cay to the much more romantic Castaway Cay. Now it's a perk for passengers on any of Disney's big cruise ships: Dream, Fantasy, Wonder and Magic.

Among the passengers that early July morning  was amateur photographer, Christian Lambert and his parents.  According to Christian's "Flickr notes," the day was like any other  until about 1:30 that afternoon. That's when the wind began to increase and ominous clouds filled the tropical sky.

After the storm subsided a little while late that Christian — "…the only one walking about with a camera and tripod out…" — captured this Yahoo! Travel Photo of The Week.

Exif data, stored by his state of the art Nikon D700, shows Christian used a 35mm lens to capture the image. Considered by many professionals as the best focal length to represent the human field of vision, the 35mm lens captures more than a 50mm "standard" lens does, yet doesn't distort subjects like the wider 28mm, 20mm and the ultra-wide 18mm do. Given that, we see what Christian saw.

The photo also demonstrates the power of color in an otherwise dull grey setting. From the terracotta of the dock, to the fascinatingly refracted colors in the below-decks portholes; the long, gold, stripe that points to rain on the distant horizon; the bright orange lifeboats and the rich blue reflections on the Plexiglas, all go together to break the visual monotony of the identical decks and smooth, black, hull.

Alabama-based Michael Clemmer has been a photojournalist/travel photographer, landscape and golf course photographer for over four decades. Once a Senior Travel Photographer for Southern Living Magazine, he has also worked as an assignment photographer for the National Geographic Society and his photographs have been used in fine publications around the world. He currently specializes in golf landscape photography — visit his web site at


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