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Marlboro Country or Middle-earth?: Flickr photo of the day


Calling all photographers: The Yahoo! Travel photo of the week is now the photo of the day. Do you have your own compelling travel photos to share? Join the Yahoo! Travel Flickr group, or look us up on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest. You can also download the Flickr app.

South Korean photographer Pipo Gempesaw takes us to a knoll high above the west coast of Batan Island in the South China Sea. The location of Mount Iraya, an active volcano (seen here with her head in the clouds) and countryside so lush any Hobbit would swear it is Middle-earth. Long used as a pasture for their cattle, local farmers call this area Marlboro Country.” (It reminded them of the 1970’s cigarette ads.)

To reveal the strength of the sea breeze, Mr. Gempesaw used a low ISO setting, a dark “neutral density” filter and a minute-long exposure to capture movement in the clouds and foreground vegetation.


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