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Keeping Superman busy: Flickr photo of the day


Keeping Superman busy: Flickr photo of the day

(Photo: P VanSchalkwyk / Flickr)

It’s the richest city on Earth and it has the buildings to prove it. Yes, nearby Dubai currently has the tallest building in the world, but Abu Dhabi has the snazziest. Only 60 miles apart, it’s quite possible to see the skyscrapers in Dubai from Abu Dhabi, and vice-versa. The latest entry in the “size isn’t everything” contest is the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company headquarters: 75 stories, 1,123 feet (seen under construction here).

Thoughtfully oriented north-south, so that it won’t cast a gigantically long shadow, it also has a large area of nothing framed at the very top; perhaps you will want to sail through it one day in your wingsuit.

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Photo by P VanSchalkwyk.


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