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Flickr photo of the day: In a pig’s eye


It was a battle between anxious ambition and sanguine confidence, a boy weighing 65 pounds against a giant hog tipping the scales at 400-plus. So it went on a sunny afternoon in the central Burmese town of Mingun. The hog, if it wanted to, could simply walk off, dragging the kid behind it. However, it merely humored the aspiring hog-wrangler, who, no doubt, remembered this day when he enjoyed his Burmese pork and peanut curry.

Known for its monumental eighteenth century stupa and the largest ringing bell in the world, Mingun is also the site of a beautiful white pagoda built in 1816 in memory of Princess Hsinbyume (Princess White Elephant), who died in childbirth. But that’s another story.

Photo by Staffan Scherz.

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