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Flickr photo of the day: Juno and the Peacock


Aesop, of fables fame, wrote that the peacock went to the goddess Juno with a complaint: He was upset because the nightingale had such a beautiful song, but when he, the peacock, tried to sing everyone laughed.

Juno told him that he was more beautiful and much larger than the nightingale. “But what good is it if I can’t sing?” said the peacock. Juno replied that the Fates give a special gift to each bird: to the eagle, strength; to the nightingale, harmony; the raven, the gift of prophecy; and the crow, the power to foretell unfavorable omens, each bird content with its own gift. “Don’t wish for something that wasn’t given to you, or you will forever be mired in discontent.”

Photographed in Prague by Brad Hammonds.

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