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Flickr photo of the day: Far-away Faroes


Need to get away from it all -- really away? The Faroe Islands may be just what you’re looking for. Two-hundred miles northwest of the northern tip of Scotland, halfway between Norway and Iceland, they are remote. There are 18 major islands making up some 540 square miles (a little more than the size of New York City) and only 50,000 inhabitants.

You won’t need much sunscreen in the Faroes; the weather is cloudy almost every day. The climate is mild: you won’t freeze, nor will you ever be too hot. Eavesdropping at meals isn’t easy, unless you can understand the Faroese language, a cross between Icelandic and Old Norse, but they’re a happy lot. The Faroes have one of the highest fertility rates in Europe.

Hans Juul Hansen photographed the lighthouse on Mykines, Faroe Islands.

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