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These faraway hills: Flickr photo of the day


Travel isn’t just about going places. It’s also about hearing others’ stories, seeing their images and letting our imaginations take us to places we may never go — and photography is a crucial component in that virtual journey.

Many of us will never see the mountains of Pakistan, for example, but Shehzaad Maroof’s photo takes us there. We imagine what life could be like for people who might take shelter in that tiny hut clinging to a terraced hillside.

This is the Nagar Valley, part of the Hunza Nagar District. The valley lies at about 8,000 feet in elevation, surrounded by mountains soaring to 20,000 feet. The beauty of those mountains — snow-covered, scarred, majestic — draws tourists to the region, which is hoping to draw more English speakers. So while the Nagar Valley seems far away, you never know: You may find yourself there in person someday.

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