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A Motorcycle Fueled By Bacon Sizzles Across America

Brittany Jones-Cooper
Editor, Yahoo Travel
August 21, 2014

bacon motorcycle
bacon motorcycle

That’s one sexy hog. (Photo: Driven by Bacon)

Due to the high price of gas, taking a road trip across the United States is pretty expensive. That is — unless you find another way to fuel your journey. 

Enter the first motorcycle powered by bacon. As if the crispy delicacy wasn’t already great enough, now you can use it for gas.

There is currently a bacon-fueled motorcycle making its way across the United States. Driven by a bearded biker named Eric Pierson, the bike’s final stop is the San Diego Bacon Fest on Aug. 30.

This sizzling ride was created by Hormel Foods Corp. to promote its Black Label bacon, and we have to say, this marketing idea is quite clever. The motorcycle has made numerous stops along the road, and each step of the trip has been documented on the Tumblr “Driven by Bacon.” Eric and his hog, fueled by hogs, started this journey at Hormel headquarters in Austin, Minn., before passing through Sturgis, S.D., Wyoming, Reno, Nev., and the Cache County Fair in Logan, Utah.

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bacon bike journey
bacon bike journey

A map of the bacon bike’s journey (Photo: Driven by Bacon)

Want to recreate this bacon-y feat? According to the bacon bike Tumblr, making bacon fuel is pretty simple. The first step was to make a lot of bacon. Sounds like a dream job, right? Then they took the leftover grease and worked with Bio-Blend Fuels in Wisconsin to refine the bacon into 100% biodiesel. “The fuel is an environmentally safe alternative to conventional diesel fuel,” according to the website. “We turned about 275 gallons of bacon grease into 250 gallons of engine pumping b100 bacon bio diesel.”

motorcycle headed to bacon festival
motorcycle headed to bacon festival

The bacon bike (Photo: Driven by Bacon)

The fuel produces nearly zero emissions. And even better, the exhaust emission smells like bacon. We know, it’s amazing.

If you want to see the bacon bike in person, it will be on display at the International Bacon Film Festival, where they also plan to debut a documentary about Eric’s road trip experience titled “Driven by Bacon.”

bacon-scented bike
bacon-scented bike

Just a man and his motorcycle that smells like bacon. (Photo: Driven by Bacon)

WATCH: Highlights from last year’s San Diego Bacon Fest: 

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