1994 solo studio album by Tom Petty
Wildflowers is the second solo studio album by American musician Tom Petty, released on November 1, 1994.Wikipedia
GenrePop/Rock, Rock & Roll, Album Rock, Heartland Rock
Release DateNovember 1, 1994
ArtistTom Petty


  • 1Wildflowers [Home Recording]Tom Petty2:51
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  • The process of creating the defining album that the singer deemed his finest is explored in a dense new documentary ‘Tom was trying to figure out how to put things back together in a way that made sense to him in that moment,’ said the director, Mary Wharton. Photograph: Martin Atkins The album Tom Petty considered to be the best work of his career chronicled the most tumultuous period of his life. Between the summer of 1992 and the spring of 94, the stretch in which he recorded his classic albu