WALL-E [Original Score]

WALL-E [Original Score]

2008 soundtrack album by Thomas Newman
WALL·E is the soundtrack album to the 2008 Disney-Pixar film of the same name composed and conducted by Thomas Newman. WALL·E is the second Pixar film to be scored by Thomas Newman after Finding Nemo.Wikipedia
GenreSoundtracks, Vocal Music, Classical, Stage & Screen, Original Score
Release DateJune 24, 2008
ArtistThomas Newman


  • 1Put on your Sunday clothesMichael Crawford1:17
  • 2WALL-E, film score~2815 A.D.3:28
  • 3WALL-E, film score~WALL-E1:59
  • 4WALL-E, film score~The Spaceship1:41
  • 5WALL-E, film score~EVE1:02
  • 6WALL-E, film score~Thrust0:41
  • 7WALL-E, film score~Bubble Wrap0:50
  • 8vie en rose, songLouis Armstrong3:24
  • 9WALL-E, film score~Eye Surgery0:40
  • 10WALL-E, film score~Worry Wait1:19
  • 11WALL-E, film score~First Date1:19
  • 12WALL-E, film score~EVE Retrieve2:19
  • 13WALL-E, film score~The Axiom2:24
  • 14WALL-E, film score~BNL0:20
  • 15WALL-E, film score~Foreign Contaminant2:06
  • 16WALL-E, film score~Repair Ward2:20
  • 17WALL-E, film score~72 Degrees and Sunny3:12
  • 18WALL-E, film score~Typing Bot0:47
  • 19WALL-E, film score~Septuacentennial0:14
  • 20WALL-E, film score~Gopher0:40
  • 21WALL-E, film score~WALL-E's Pod Adventure1:13
  • 22WALL-E, film score~Define Dancing2:23
  • 23WALL-E, film score~No Splashing No Diving0:47
  • 24WALL-E, film score~All that Love's About0:37
  • 25WALL-E, film score~M-O0:46
  • 26WALL-E, film score~Directive A-1132:05
  • 27WALL-E, film score~Mutiny!1:29
  • 28WALL-E, film score~Fixing WALL-E2:07
  • 29WALL-E, film score~Rogue Robots2:02
  • 30WALL-E, film score~March of the Gels0:54
  • 31WALL-E, film score~Tilt2:00
  • 32WALL-E, film score~The Hold-Detector1:07
  • 33WALL-E, film score~Hyperjump1:04
  • 34WALL-E, film score~Desperate EVE0:56
  • 35WALL-E, film score~Static1:43
  • 36It only takes a momentMichael Crawford1:07
  • 37Down to Earth, songPeter Gabriel5:58
  • 38WALL-E, film score~Horizon 12.21:27