Two for the Show

Two for the Show

1978 live album by Kansas
Two for the Show is the first live album by American progressive rock band Kansas, released in 1978. The album was recorded over the course of the band's three previous tours in 1977 and 1978.Wikipedia
GenrePop/Rock, Arena Rock, Prog-Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Art Rock, Album Rock
Release Date1978
ArtistKansas (band)


  • 1Song for AmericaKansas (band)7:28
  • 2Point of Know ReturnKansas (band)3:07
  • 3ParadoxKansas (band)4:09
  • 4Icarus-Borne on Wings of SteelKansas (band)5:58
  • 5Portrait (He Knew)Kansas (band)5:19
  • 6Carry on Wayward SonKansas (band)4:38
  • 7Journey from MariabronnKansas (band)8:55
  • 8Dust in the WindKansas (band)6:17
  • 9Lonely WindKansas (band)4:29
  • 10Mysteries and MayhemKansas (band)4:01
  • 11Excerpt from Lamplight SymphonyKansas (band)2:38
  • 12WallKansas (band)4:58
  • 13Magnum OpusKansas (band)11:14