Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout

1964 Canadian LP by The Beatles
Twist and Shout is the first UK extended play by the English rock band the Beatles, released by Parlophone on 12 July 1963. It was also released in Germany, Spain, New Zealand, Australia and Argentina.Wikipedia
Release DateJune 24, 2016
ArtistThe Beatles


  • 1I Want to Hold Your HandThe Beatles--:--
  • 2She Loves YouThe Beatles--:--
  • 3Taste of HoneyThe Beatles--:--
  • 4Twist and ShoutThe Beatles--:--
  • 5Money (That's What I Want)The Beatles--:--
  • 6Rock and Roll MusicThe Beatles--:--
  • 7Eight Days a WeekThe Beatles--:--
  • 8I'll Follow the SunThe Beatles--:--
  • 9Baby's in BlackThe Beatles--:--
  • 10Things We Said TodayThe Beatles--:--
  • 11Tell Me WhyThe Beatles--:--

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