Notorious Byrd Brothers

Notorious Byrd Brothers

Album by The Byrds
The Notorious Byrd Brothers is the fifth album by the American rock band the Byrds, and was released in January 1968, on Columbia Records.Wikipedia
GenrePop/Rock , Folk-Rock , Psychedelic/Garage , Contemporary Pop/Rock , Country-Rock , AM Pop
Release DateJanuary 3, 1968
ArtistThe Byrds


  • 1Artificial EnergyThe Byrds2:19
  • 2Goin' BackThe Byrds3:22
  • 3Natural HarmonyThe Byrds2:16
  • 4Draft MorningThe Byrds2:35
  • 5Wasn't Born to FollowThe Byrds2:02
  • 6Get to YouThe Byrds2:40
  • 7Change Is NowThe Byrds3:21
  • 8Old John RobertsonThe Byrds1:49
  • 9Tribal GatheringThe Byrds2:06
  • 10Dolphin's SmileThe Byrds2:03
  • 11Space OdysseyThe Byrds4:04
  • 12Moog RagaThe Byrds3:27
  • 13Bound to FallThe Byrds2:11
  • 14TriadThe Byrds3:31
  • 15Goin' BackThe Byrds3:58
  • 16Draft MorningThe Byrds2:58
  • 17Universal Mind DecoderThe Byrds13:45

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