Circle Game

Circle Game

1968 studio album by Tom Rush
The Circle Game is the 1968 album from folk rock musician Tom Rush. He covers three songs from fellow singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell, as well as songs by Jackson Browne and James Taylor.Wikipedia
GenreFolk, Contemporary Folk
Release Date1968
ArtistTom Rush


  • 1Tin AngelTom Rush3:27
  • 2Something in the Way She MovesTom Rush3:32
  • 3Urge for GoingTom Rush5:52
  • 4Sunshine SunshineTom Rush3:00
  • 5Glory of LoveTom Rush2:28
  • 6Shadow Dream SongTom Rush3:28
  • 7Circle GameTom Rush5:17
  • 8So LongTom Rush2:55
  • 9Rockport SundayTom Rush4:37
  • 10No RegretsTom Rush3:54

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