Steve Toussaint

Steve Toussaint

British actor
Stephen Toussaint is a British actor and writer. He first gained prominence through his role in the ITV crime drama The Knock. As of 2022, he plays Corlys Velaryon in the HBO fantasy series House of the Dragon.Wikipedia
BornMarch 22, 1965
HometownBirmingham, England
Height6'3" (1.91m)

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14 Actors Who Were Hit With Racist Backlash As Soon As Their Casting Was Announced

When Game of Thrones fans learned that Steve Toussaint would play Corlys Velaryon in House of the Dragon, trolls flooded social media with racist backlash. He said, "Oh, I get it. When we were criminals and pirates and slaves in the other show, you were OK with that. But as this guy is the richest [character] in the show and he’s a nobleman, now you have a problem with it."
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