Sophie Simmons

Sophie Simmons

American-Canadian singer
Sophie Alexandra Tweed-Simmons is an American-Canadian singer, television personality, and model who promotes body positivity.Wikipedia
BornJuly 7, 1992
HometownLos Angeles, California, United States
Net worth$10 million
Height5'7" (1.71m)
ParentsShannon Tweed


Sophie Simmons talks body positivity, why nepotism doesn't work in the music industry

Singer/songwriter Sophie Simmons recently spoke with Yahoo Entertainment about her new book of poems and lyrics, "Secrets I Would Never Say, but I Would Sing," body positivity and why - in her case at least - nepotism doesn't work in the music industry. Simmons, daughter of KISS frontman Gene Simmons, said, "If [nepotism] really helped, I would be signed to a label. I'd be signed to a publisher. I would have number one singles. I don't. I'm a completely independent artist and songwriter." Prior to concentrating on music fulltime, Simmons also modeled, and was frequently disheartened when stylists would arrive with nothing in her size. "I'm completely comfortable with how I look and I'm very happy with my body," she said. "But what makes you doubt that is when people look at that, ignore it completely and then just bring a zero and expect you to fit into it."
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