Album by John Mellencamp
Scarecrow is the eighth studio album by John Mellencamp. Released on July 31, 1985, it peaked at number two on the US chart.Wikipedia
GenrePop/Rock, Rock & Roll, Roots Rock, Hard Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Album Rock, Heartland Rock
ArtistJohn Mellencamp, John Cougar Mellencamp


  • 1Rain on the ScarecrowJohn Cougar Mellencamp, John Mellencamp3:46
  • 2Grandma's ThemeJohn Mellencamp, Laura Mellencamp, John Cougar Mellencamp0:56
  • 3Small TownJohn Mellencamp, John Cougar Mellencamp3:42
  • 4Minutes to MemoriesJohn Mellencamp, John Cougar Mellencamp4:13
  • 5Lonely Ol' NightJohn Mellencamp, John Cougar Mellencamp3:46
  • 6Face of the NationJohn Mellencamp, John Cougar Mellencamp3:14
  • 7Justice and Independence '85John Mellencamp, John Cougar Mellencamp3:33
  • 8Between a Laugh and a TearJohn Mellencamp, John Cougar Mellencamp, Rickie Lee Jones4:32
  • 9RumbleseatJohn Mellencamp, John Cougar Mellencamp3:00
  • 10You've Got to Stand for Somethin'John Mellencamp, John Cougar Mellencamp4:33
  • 11R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A.John Mellencamp2:54
  • 12Kind of Fella I AmJohn Mellencamp, John Cougar Mellencamp2:58

Top Stories

John Mellencamp revisits 'Scarecrow,' his game-changing disc

  • An urgency in the ringing guitar and thunderous drums that opened the 1985 album “Scarecrow” was the first hint that this was something different for the artist then billed as John “Cougar” Mellencamp. It elevated Mellencamp from a generic heartland rocker to a serious artist with something to say, helping spark Farm Aid, a movement that lives on. In that first song, “Rain on the Scarecrow,” Mellencamp described the financial crisis that was swallowing family farms in the Midwest.