Roger Taylor (Queen drummer)

Roger Taylor (Queen drummer)

English musician, drummer of Queen
Drummer and songwriter best known as a member of million-selling album hard rock/glam band Queen.
BornJuly 26, 1949
HometownKing's Lynn, England
Height5'10" (1.79m)
SpouseSarina Potgieter
ChildrenRufus Tiger Taylor, Tigerlily Taylor
ParentsMichael Taylor, Winifred Taylor


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Queen, Adam Lambert to bring back 'Rhapsody' tour

STORY: Queen and Adam Lambert are bringing their 'Rhapsody' Tour back to North America after four years[Brian May, Queen band member]: "It's evolved is the way I would say it. I’m always tempted to call these the revved up Rhapsody tour, because it's a little different from the way you saw it last time. We've been all around the world with it. All kinds of stuff has happened. Different songs, different production. We're always putting new stuff in. So, now you look at it and it's hardly, hardly recognizable from the way it started out.”[Roger Taylor, Queen band member]: “This is a tour that’s gone around the world and as Brian said, has evolved and, and changed a lot. And we think we've made it better and better and better.”
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