Robert Patrick

Robert Patrick

American actor (born 1958)
Robert Hammond Patrick is an American actor. Known for portraying villains and honorable authority figures, he is a Saturn Award winner with four other nominations.Wikipedia
BornNovember 5, 1958
HometownMarietta, Georgia, United States
Net worth$12 million
Height6'0" (1.83m)
SpouseBarbara Hooper (m 1990 - present)
ChildrenSamuel Patrick , Austin Patrick
ParentsRobert Patrick, Sr. , Nadine Patrick


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The Talk - Robert Patrick Says 'fantastic' Friend, Meatloaf 'took me under his wing'

Monday on "The Talk" Robert Patrick shares memories and a photograph of his music legend friend, Meatloaf. "This photograph is from 'Objects In The Rearview Mirror' which is a [music] video that Meatloaf asked me to do. Michael Bay directed it, and it's also from the 'Bat Out of Hell II' record that won a Grammy. You know, Meat was just bigger than life, and a fantastic man. I met him right as I was becoming famous, and he'd had been famous for a while. And he sort of took me under his wing, invited me over to his house, we saw his children, we spent a lot of Christmas' over there, parties and what not," Patrick adds, "We were just getting together to have dinner with him again this week when we got the awful news. He's just such a loveable man."
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