Nicholas Alahverdian

Nicholas Alahverdian

Convicted sex offender, who faked his own death
Nicholas Alahverdian, a Harvard political scientist, researches the intersection of rhetoric, philology, and politics. His newest book, Dreading and Hoping All, will be released in October 2019.Alahverdian worked for the government at the same time he was in foster care. He was able to provide unique insight into the conditions of the foster homes and shelters in which he lived.Wikipedia
BornJuly 11, 1987
HometownProvidence, Rhode Island, U.S.
Height5'2" (1.57m)


Nicholas Rossi makes appearance in Utah County court, next hearing scheduled

Nicholas Rossi, the man who stands accused of rape in two Utah counties, appeared in court on Tuesday, Feb. 6, after initially “refusing” to appear.
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