Majel Barrett

Majel Barrett

American actress
Majel Barrett-Roddenberry was an American actress. She was best known for her roles as various characters in the Star Trek franchise: Nurse Christine Chapel, Number One, Lwaxana Troi, and the voice of most onboard computer interfaces throughout the series from 1966 to 2023.Wikipedia
BornFebruary 23, 1932
HometownCleveland, Ohio, United States
Height5'9" (1.75m)
SpouseGene Roddenberry
ChildrenRod Roddenberry
ParentsWilliam Hudec


OTD In Space - October 22: Gene Roddenberry's Ashes Launch Into Space

On October 22, 1992, the space shuttle Columbia launched into space with the ashes of Gene Roddenberry, the creator of "Star Trek." During mission STS-52, NASA astronaut and shuttle commander James Wetherbee brought a small container with a portion of Roddenberry's ashes into space with him per the request of Roddenberry's widow, Majel Barrett. It was Roddenberry's lifelong dream to go to space, but he never got to go while he was alive. But thanks to his wife, a little bit of Roddenberry finally made it to space almost exactly one year after his death. NASA and his family didn't tell anyone about it until almost two years later. Now, this historic moment has become famous for being the first ever "space burial."
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