Credit: Getty Images, Rotten Tomatoes, Gracenote Media Services


Macklemore Went On An OceanGate Submersible Dive To Find Shark

It’s been revealed that rapper Macklemore went on an OceanGate Submersible dive in 2014 to see sixgill sharks. The dive was filmed by the Discovery Channel and aired in August 2014 as part of the network’s 'Shark Week' programming event. According to OceanGate’s website, Macklemore is a “devoted shark enthusiast” and his “lifelong dream” was to find sixgill sharks. In a promotional video for the show, the 'Thrift Shop' rapper explains that he will be going 400 feet underwater. Macklemore managed to find a sixgill shark during the expidition as OceanGate “sank a bait ball to a depth of over 400 feet two days prior to the dive”. This comes after five passengers were recently killed when the company’s Titan Submersible imploded during a dive to the Titanic shipwreck.
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