Lisa Lazarus

Lisa Lazarus

British actor and model
Lisa Lazarus is known for Veer (2010), Madrasapattinam (2010) and Milksops (2010).Wikipedia
BornNovember 11, 1987
HometownSwansea, United Kingdom
ParentsDiane Lazarus

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Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority says progress is being made in the sport

  • Lisa Lazarus has gotten countless calls and messages from trainers across horse racing since new medication and anti-doping rules went into effect this spring, many of which she found inspiring. “For the first time ever, they feel like they have a real chance that when they get up to the starting gate, that the playing field is really level and that they no longer have to kind of compete with other trainers’ pharmacies,” Lazarus said. Groups critical of the Horseracing Safety and Integrity Authority, of which Lazarus serves as CEO, backed competing legislation introduced Tuesday in Congress that would repeal the law and replace it with a system that gives oversight power back to states.


HISA using A.I. to make horse racing safer

HISA CEO Lisa Lazarus joins Nick Luck to talk about the state of safety in the horse racing industry, including how artificial intelligence and machine learning is helping the sport become safer.
  • 06:15

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