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Kellie Pickler’s In-Laws ‘Trying to Reopen’ Investigation Into Death of Her Husband Kyle Jacobs After Suicide

  • Country singer Kellie Pickler has come under fire from the family of her tragic late husband, who may demand that his body be exhumed to determine what really killed him. Kyle Jacobs was found dead with a self-inflicted gunshot wound inside the home he shared with Kellie, and his grieving parents, Reed and Sharon Jacobs,...


Kellie Pickler Performs for the First Time Since Her Husband's Death

Kellie Pickler performs for the first time since her husband Kyle Jacobs' death, a fan sharing the moment on TikTok. Kellie sings a rendition of 'The Woman I Am,' a song she co-wrote with Kyle released in 2013. Kyle died after an 'apparent suicide' in 2023.
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