Jim Henson

Jim Henson

American puppeteer (1936–1990)
James Maury Henson was an American puppeteer, animator, cartoonist, actor, inventor, and filmmaker who achieved worldwide notice as the creator of The Muppets and Fraggle Rock and director of The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth .Wikipedia
BornSeptember 24, 1936
HometownGreenville, Mississippi, United States
Net worth$100 million
Height6'1" (1.85m)
SpouseJane Henson (m 1959 - 1990) , Jane Henson (m 1959 - 1986)
ChildrenBrian Henson , Lisa Henson , John Henson , Heather Henson , Cheryl Henson
ParentsBetty Henson , Paul Ransom Henson


'Street Gang: How We Got to Sesame Street' - Variety Sundance Studio

The creative team behind “Street Gang: How We Got to Sesame Street,” a documentary on the origins of the eponymous beloved children’s show “Sesame Street,” discussed the challenges of bringing the series’ rich history to life. Director Marilyn Agrelo and producers Ellen Scherer Crafts and Trevor Crafts spoke to the Variety Studio presented by AT&T TV at Sundance Film Festival about the making of the doc and their decision to focus on the early history of show by zoning in on creators Joan Ganz Cooney, Jon Stone and Jim Henson. The doc is based on the book of the same name by Michael Davis. Given the show’s 52-year history, the team said it was challenging to narrow down the film’s talking points. Ultimately, they settled on telling the largely untold behind-the-scenes story of the show’s first 20 years.
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Fraggle Rockin': A Collection
Fraggle Rockin': A Collection