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Jason Sudeikis Jokes That Owen Wilson Once Told Him He’d Be Curious to See What He Looked Like If He “Took Care” of Himself

  • Jason Sudeikis recently recalled a playful conversation he had with Owen Wilson while they were on the set of Hall Pass. During production on the 2011 comedy, which also starred Steve Merchant, JB Smoove and Larry Joe Campbell, the actors were filming a scene in a sports bar that involved them eating wings and talking. […]


JB Smoove Trashes Larry David's "Terrible" Fashion

With "Curb Your Enthusiasm" now in it's 11th season, James wonders when JB Smoove's character "Leon" is going to get a spin off-series - and idea that JB has already given lots of thought to. Then James asks JB what he thinks of Larry's wardrobe and what changes he might suggest.
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