Greatest Hits: Sound & Vision

Greatest Hits: Sound & Vision

Blondie album
Greatest Hits is a compilation album of recordings by the band Blondie released by EMI/Capitol Records in 2002.Wikipedia
GenreClub/Dance, Pop/Rock, Punk, New Wave, Contemporary Pop/Rock, American Punk, Dance-Rock, New York Punk
Release DateMarch 7, 2006
ArtistBlondie (band)


  • 1Heart of GlassBlondie (band)4:10
  • 2Sunday GirlBlondie (band)3:14
  • 3AtomicBlondie (band)3:50
  • 4Call MeBlondie (band)3:30
  • 5Tide Is HighBlondie (band)3:49
  • 6RaptureBlondie (band)4:57
  • 7MariaBlondie (band)4:10
  • 8In the FleshBlondie (band)3:06
  • 9Rip Her to ShredsBlondie (band)3:21
  • 10DenisBlondie (band)2:19
  • 11Picture ThisBlondie (band)2:54
  • 12Fade Away and RadiateBlondie (band)3:59
  • 13Hanging on the TelephoneBlondie (band)2:22
  • 14One Way or AnotherBlondie (band)3:28
  • 15DreamingBlondie (band)3:06
  • 16Union City BlueBlondie (band)3:20
  • 17Island of Lost SoulsBlondie (band)3:50
  • 18Good BoysBlondie (band)6:05
  • 19End to EndBlondie (band)4:01
  • 20Rapture RidersBlondie (band), The Doors3:51
  • 21In the FleshBlondie (band)--:--
  • 22DenisBlondie (band)--:--
  • 23Detroit 442Blondie (band)--:--
  • 24Picture ThisBlondie (band)--:--
  • 25Hanging on the TelephoneBlondie (band)--:--
  • 26Heart of GlassBlondie (band)--:--
  • 27DreamingBlondie (band)--:--
  • 28Hardest PartBlondie (band)--:--
  • 29Union City BlueBlondie (band)--:--
  • 30AtomicBlondie (band)--:--
  • 31Tide Is HighBlondie (band)--:--
  • 32RaptureBlondie (band)--:--
  • 33Island of Lost SoulsBlondie (band)--:--
  • 34MariaBlondie (band)--:--
  • 35Good BoysBlondie (band)--:--
  • 36Rapture RidersThe Doors, Blondie (band)--:--

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