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Damian Hurley Shares Clothes With Mom Elizabeth Hurley: I ‘Steal’ Her Leather Pants

  • Damian Hurley and mom Elizabeth Hurley are so close that they even share clothes. “I steal leather trousers all the time when we’re the same size” Damian, 22, told The Sunday Times on March 31. “Jackets are always great. Any big oversized blazers she steals in a heartbeat.” Damian and Hurley, 58, are no strangers


Credit: Getty Images, Rotten Tomatoes, Gracenote Media Services


Elizabeth Hurley makes film with son Damian, 'Strictly Confidential'

Elizabeth Hurley is one of the stars of the new mystery crime thriller, "Strictly Confidential." It marks the feature film directorial debut for her son, Damian, who just turned 22 this week.
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