Inside the retirement home for circus animals

This shelter takes in retired circus animalsand former laboratory test animalsLocation: Nogent-le-Phaye, FranceCourtesy: Art Visual StudioThe shelter was started by Patrick Violaswho spent $30.5 million building the sanctuaryHe is now planning on building an extensionto accommodate for an expected spike in residentsas the government considers a ban on wild animals in circuses
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  • 1You Got Nothing I WantCold Chisel3:16
  • 2Bow RiverCold Chisel4:21
  • 3Forever NowCold Chisel4:27
  • 4TaipanCold Chisel3:54
  • 5Hound DogCold Chisel5:04
  • 6Wild Colonial BoyCold Chisel4:50
  • 7No Good for YouCold Chisel3:15
  • 8Numbers FallCold Chisel4:45
  • 9When the War is OverCold Chisel4:24
  • 10Letter to AlanCold Chisel5:44

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Reborn Ringling Bros. circus to leap on tour — minus animals

  • The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus has been reimagined and reborn without animals as a high-octane family event with highwire tricks, soaring trapeze artists and bicycles leaping on trampolines. Feld Entertainment, which owns the “Greatest Show on Earth,” revealed to The Associated Press what audiences can expect during the show's upcoming 2023 North American tour kicking off this fall. The 75 performers from 18 countries will include performers on a triangular high wire 25 feet off the ground, crisscrossing flying trapeze artists, a spinning double wheel powered by acrobats and BMX trail bikes, unicycle riders and skateboarders doing flips and tricks.