Beth Behrs

Beth Behrs

American actress
Elizabeth Ann Behrs is an American actress. She is known for her starring role as Caroline Channing in the CBS comedy series 2 Broke Girls.Wikipedia
BornDecember 26, 1985
HometownLancaster, Pennsylvania, United States
Net worth$20 million
Height5'5" (1.65m)
SpouseMichael Gladis
ParentsDavid Behrs, Maureen Behrs


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Beth Behrs Is ‘Concerned’ for ‘Secret Celebrity Renovation’ Crew as She Uses Nail Gun: 1st Look

Beth Behrs gets her hands dirty on an upcoming appearance on Secret Celebrity Renovation. During a first look at the Friday, August 18, episode — shared exclusively with Us Weekly —Behrs, 37, does some demolition work with the show’s interior designer, Sabrina Soto, and general contractor, “Boston Rob” Mariano. In the clip, Mariano, 47, helps Behrs use a buzz saw. “Come on, Beth — power tools. Your husband will hate this,” he tells her, referring to Michael Gladis, whom she wed in 2018. Behrs, however, isn’t deterred by the circular sawing tool, declaring, “But I’m gonna love it.” After giving the buzz saw a try, the actress shares her enthusiasm for the device. “I want one! Can I have one at my house?” she jokes. Soto, 47, shoots back, “Maybe not yet.” Sonja Flemming/CBS Behrs wanted to appear on the CBS reality series to treat her longtime friend Lauren, who always supported her dreams of becoming an actress, to a makeover of her Buena Park, California, home. Although Behrs went on the show for a selfless reason, the teaser shows that she ended up having a good time in the process; after trying her hand at the buzz saw, the 2 Broke Girls alum had even more fun with a nail gun. “I’m excited about that bad boy,” she tells Mariano of the nail gun in the episode trailer, before admitting she’s skeptical about using it without the Survivor alum’s assistance. “I can’t believe you guys are trusting me with this. I’m genuinely concerned for the entire crew,” Behrs quips, before calling the tool her “favorite one so far.” Courtesy of CBS Mariano then humbles her a little with some safety advice: “Be careful it doesn’t come back to hit you in the face,” he says, before Behrs notes that she feels “like the Terminator or something.” Elsewhere in the teaser, Mariano sings Behrs’ praises, calling her “awesome” and saying she showed up “ready to work.” In addition to being an actress and a natural at wielding power tools, Behrs is mom to daughter Emma, whom she and Gladis, 45, welcomed in June 2022. During an appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show that November, Behrs joked that some of her animals were “very jealous” of her daughter, especially her horse Belle. Beth Behrs. Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images) “She realized, ‘Oh, my mom doesn’t come to the barn as much anymore because of this child,” Behrs told host Jennifer Hudson of the horse. “So, legitimately, the last time I brought Emma [to the barn], she looked at us and turned her back.” Secret Celebrity Renovation airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.
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