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Critics in Egypt say Citroën ad promotes sexual harassment

  • An advertisement by a French automaker has stirred up controversy in Egypt after activists said it promotes sexual harassment in a country where the practice is rampant. The ad by the Egyptian branch of Citroën, released last month, shows popular Egyptian singer and actor Amr Diab driving the latest version of the company’s C4, before coming to an abrupt stop in front of a woman crossing the street. Diab looks at the woman and snaps a picture of her from a camera fixed in the car's rearview mirror.


Top 4 Insanely Useful Uses For WD-40 | Car Hacks

In this episode of Car Hacks we get our hands on a can of WD-40 spray lubricant and try out 4 of the 2,000 plus uses listed by the company.
  • 01:48