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  • Are Gender-Neutral Restrooms a Fundamental Right?

    In what advocates are calling an extremely significant development in the fight for gender-neutral restrooms on college campuses, graduate student workers across the University of California System say they’ve reached a tentative contract agreement on language that establishes access to such…

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    • Punching mantis shrimp inspires super-tough composites

      The peacock mantis shrimp may look like a colorful, reasonably mild-mannered aquarium dweller, but its claws have the punch of a .22 bullet. A team of researchers led by University of California, Riverside, has developed a carbon composite that imitates the claw’s structure. At 4 to 6 in (10 to 15…

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      • They're Here! 2014's Top 10 Balance Transfer Cards

        0% balance transfers for up to 18 months. Compare balance transfer offers to find the best card for you. Apply online, quickly and securely.

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        • How the Supreme Court’s Michigan ruling affects colleges

          The court Tuesday upheld Michigan’s ban on the use of race as a factor in admissions to state universities. It was the second major affirmative-action ruling concerning higher education in less than a year: In a June ruling on a Texas case, the court ordered tighter scrutiny of race-conscious…

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