University of California

  • UC admits record number of students for fall 2014

    The University of California announced Friday that a record 86,865 students have been offered admission to the fall 2014 freshman class. The nine-campus system's admissions offers were up 4.8 percent over the preliminary count for 2013, according to a UC news release. Preliminary data show the… from RSS
  • More Latino than white students admitted to UC

    More Latino than white students in California have been offered admission to the state's premier public universities for the first time, officials said Friday, a milestone that reflects the diverse racial makeup of a state where Latino children represent a majority of students in public schools.…

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    • Either Way, I Get to Eat Cake

      This is part of our monthly series 'Mission: Accepted,' in partnership with Minds Matter, which chronicles the lives of four students as they apply for college in their senior year. My mind is on other things: Who will Frank Underwood target next? This marks the nearing of the end of college…

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    • In-state UC applicants make slight gains, but slip at UCLA, Berkeley

      California high school seniors had a slightly easier time this year in winning a freshman seat somewhere in the University of California system, according to a report released Friday. But it became noticeably more difficult at the most coveted campuses, such as UCLA, UC Berkeley, UC Irvine and UC…

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