United States Department of Homeland Security

  • US government deports fewest immigrants in nearly a decade

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration deported fewer immigrants over the past 12 months than at any time since 2006, according to internal figures obtained by The Associated Press as Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton called Obama's deportation policies too harsh.

    Associated Press
  • Obama should veto NDAA over Gitmo

    The Senate yesterday approved the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act (2016 NDAA), the annual defense budget bill. This year’s bill includes harsh restrictions on transferring Guantanamo Bay detainees.  Congress has put up similar roadblocks in the past, but this year the limitations would…

  • Cyber-laden NDAA faces presidential veto

    With help from Joe Marks, Tim Starks and Adam Sneed NDAA FACES VETO THREAT AFTER SENATE PASSAGE — A National Defense Authorization Act chock full of cyber provisions is sitting on President Barack Obama’s desk this morning after it passed the Senate on Wednesday afternoon. Among them are automatic…