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  • Former Justice Stevens: Legalize pot

    Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens on Thursday said the federal government should legalize marijuana. "Yes," Stevens, 94, replied after NPR host Scott Simon asked him whether it should be on his radio show. "I really think that that's another instance of public opinion [that's]…

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    • Eric Holder: Sonia Sotomayor ‘courageous’

      Eric Holder lauded Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s dissent in the Michigan affirmative action case, calling it “courageous.” The attorney general, speaking at a diversity event at the Justice Department on Wednesday, said the justice’s dissent offered a reminder that the U.S. still needs…

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      • Anti-Aging Creams of 2014

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        • Mississippi sets 20-week limit on abortions

          (Reuters) - Mississippi will ban abortions after more than 20 weeks of pregnancy from July, joining other conservative U.S. states that have placed restrictions on the procedure. A handful of states have in recent years enacted laws that place restrictions on the procedure, especially on late-term…

          • Supreme Court Conflicted on Legality of Aereo Online Video Service

            Supreme Court justices expressed unease with online-video startup Aereo, but they also voiced concerns about the consequences of ruling for the broadcasters that are challenging the legality of the service....

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            • Democratic governors challenge Connecticut campaign finance law

              The U.S. Democratic Governors' Association on Wednesday sued the state of Connecticut, saying its laws on political spending are unconstitutionally broad and limit the ability of political groups to buy independent ads backing candidates. The lawsuit said the state unfairly treats independent money…

              • The Next Step on Affirmative Action

                In the mid-90s, when affirmative action was a hot topic in California, I got a call from a television network asking me whether I would be available to do a segment on affirmative action. "So are you for or against affirmative action?" I explained: I'm against affirmative action, if you mean do I…

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                • Affirmative Action on the Ropes

                  By upholding Michigan’s ban on race as a factor in college admissions, the Supreme Court chips away at the idea that diversity is good for all and worth promoting via special treatment.

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                  • Constitution Check: Has the Supreme Court ended affirmative action at the college level?

                    Lyle Denniston looks at the Supreme Court's recent ruling on affirmative action, other historical decisions on it, and the next case about the subject heading toward the Justices.

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                      • The Supreme Court is not done with affirmative action yet

                        This week, the Supreme Court upheld a Michigan initiative that forbade public educational institutions — as well as all state employers and contractors — from considering race as a factor in admissions or hiring, even in the context of affirmative action programs. The direct impact of Schuette v.…

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                        • Missouri execution: One execution per month since November

                          Missouri executed an inmate early Wednesday only a few miles from the farm where prosecutors say he orchestrated the 1993 killing of a couple whose cows he wanted to steal. Skip to next paragraph Briefing Court halts Oklahoma executions: why lethal injection is now so controversial Briefing Social…

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                          • Supreme Court justices have their heads in the cloud(s)

                            We’ve gotten so used to the Supreme Court deciding major policy issues that it is easy to forget how inadequate is that forum for deciding cases in which cutting-edge technology is involved. If you doubt this, the oral argument at the Supreme Court in  American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. v.…

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                            • Proof the Supreme Court Doesn’t Understand Racism at All

                              If you haven’t, you should read my colleague Emily Bazelon on the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Michigan’s ban on affirmative action if you want to understand the ruling and its implications. For this post, however, I want to look at a single passage from Justice Anthony Kennedy’s majority…

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                              • Retired Supreme Court justice says marijuana should be legalized

                                May 30, 2012: Former U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens speaks at a lecture presented by the Clinton School of Public Service in Little Rock, Ark.AP WASHINGTON –  Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens says he thinks the federal government should legalize marijuana. The…

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                                • Arizona Police Stopped This Future Schoolteacher Four Times in Three Years For Driving While Latino

                                  "Arizona Police Stopped This Future Schoolteacher Four Times in Three Years For Driving While Latino" Jose Patino (center) was later arrested for blocking an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) bus in Phoenix in 2013. Before he ever had a chance to put the final touches on his lesson plan,…

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                                  • 74-Yr-Old Outsmarts Doctors. Reduces Her Wrinkles.

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                                    • Supreme Court Gives Police New Power To Rely On Anonymous Tips

                                      The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that police can stop and search a driver based solely on an anonymous 911 tip. The 5-4 decision split the court's two most conservative justices, with Justice Clarence Thomas writing for the majority and Justice Antonin Scalia penning the dissent. In August…

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                                      • The Contraceptive Mandate Finally Leads America Out of the Victorian Era

                                        This post is co-authored by Andrea Flynn, Next New Deal The Affordable Care Act demonstrates an affirmative, proactive step from government for women's access to reproductive health care, but conservatives are bent on moving backwards. Contraception should be understood as a fundamental right of…

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                                        • The Aereo case is being decided by people who call iCloud ‘the iCloud.’ Yes, really.

                                          Elena Kagan is congratulated by Chief Justice John Roberts (R) after being sworn in to the 112th US Supreme Court justice. Counselor to the Chief Justice Jeffrey Minear (center) holds the bible. In the end, the Supreme Court's ideal frame of reference was the phonograph. In struggling to find the…

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                                          • Affirmative Action Isn’t Oppressive, but the Roberts Court Wants to End It Anyway

                                            Affirmative Action Isn’t Oppressive, but the Roberts Court Wants to End It Anyway By upholding Michigan’s ban on race as a factor in college admissions, the Supreme Court chips away at the idea that diversity is good for all and worth promoting via special treatment. The Supreme Court on Tuesday…

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                                            • PRESS DIGEST- New York Times business news - April 23

                                              The following are the top stories on the New York Times business pages. * The United States Court of Appeals in Manhattan on Tuesday picked apart the government's case against two former hedge fund traders, Todd Newman and Anthony Chiasson, questioning whether the judge in the trial erred when…

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                                              • Ministry of Truth: SCOTUS skeptical of law to police campaign ‘lies’

                                                Taking up a closely watched case on the roles of truth and lies in modern politics, Supreme Court justices Tuesday appeared skeptical about the constitutionality of an Ohio law that criminalizes false statements about candidates in the days before elections. Emphasizing the need for a ruling with…

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