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  • Scientists Study Gene Clues From 115-Year-Old Woman

    WEDNESDAY, April 23, 2014 (HealthDay News) -- More than 400 mutations were found in the healthy white blood cells of a 115-year-old woman, according to a new study that may advance what is known about limits of the human life ...

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    • Spectrum Pharma's cancer drug meets main goal in trial

      The injectable drug, Captisol-enabled melphalan, an improved form of common chemotherapy drug melphalan, is being tested in patients with multiple myeloma undergoing stem cell transplants. High-dose chemotherapy in combination with stem cell transplants is an option for patients with multiple…

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        • What mystery genes scientists found in the healthy blood of a super centenarian

          Interested in genome research now that the annual National DNA Day is coming around again? Hundreds of genetic mutations found in healthy blood of a supercentenarian, says a new study, "Somatic mutations found in the healthy blood compartment of a 115-yr-old woman demonstrate oligoclonal…

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          • In a cloning first, scientists create stem cells from adults

            Scientists have moved a step closer to the goal of creating stem cells perfectly matched to a patient's DNA in order to treat diseases, they announced on Thursday, creating patient-specific cell lines out of the skin cells of two adult men. The advance, described online in the journal Cell Stem…

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